The Yard

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Alex Grecian
The Yard
Detective Inspector Walter Day is new to the Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad. When a body is found in a steamer trunk at the Eaton Square Station, it becomes his investigation. Pressure to solve the case quickly increases when word gets out that it is one of their own, Inspector Christian Little, who has been murdered. Day is assisted by coroner, Dr. Bernard Kingsley, who is a forensic pioneer at University College Hospital. Their unconventional methods are ridiculed by his superiors and colleagues and he begins to doubt his ability to solve the crime. To add to his distress, Constable Nevil Hammersmith, discovers the body of a 5 year old boy stuffed halfway up a chimney. Are these two cases somehow connected? Set in Victorian London, the period details and the use of real historical figures makes this a must read for fans of Sherlockian mysteries and the advent of criminology such as in Caleb Carr’s The Alienist.

Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files

From Rosemarie Jerome
Author:  Jim Butcher
Cold Days:  A Novel of the Dresden Files
This is the 14th title in the series.  Harry is back and he is now the Winter Knight to Mab the Queen of Air and Darkness.  As the Winter Knight, he must do her bidding, so when she orders him to kill an immortal, her daughter Maeve, he sets out on his mission.  But in true Dresden fashion, following orders does not come easy so he gets involved in other pursuits.  He discovers a plot to destroy humanity which he must stop.  So he must save the world, kill an immortal and come to terms with his destiny all before Halloween night ends, no problem.  It wouldn’t be Harry if he didn’t multi-task. You’ve got to love the messes that he gets himself into, glad he’s back!

Waking Up in Eden: in pursuit of an impassioned life on an imperiled island

From Margaret Mezzacapo

Waking Up in Eden:  in pursuit of an impassioned life on an imperiled island

Author: Lucinda Fleeson.

The bare bones of the story are the same as those of Margaret Roach’s recent biography [And I shall have some peace there: trading in the fast lane for my own dirt road] middle-aged woman flees big-city life for a more solitary existence in a remote area and learns to garden. However, the similarities end there – Fleeson’s straightforward approach was much more enjoyable than Margaret’s metaphysical ramblings. (Granted, Hawaii is a little more exotic than upstate New York.) Enjoyed this one quite a bit.