Outrage : An Icelandic Thriller

From  Eileen  Effrat
Author:  Arnaldur  Indridason
Outrage : An Icelandic Thriller
Icelandic crime writer Indridason is my favorite Nordic crime writer. This is the seventh in his police procedural series translated into English featuring Detective Erlendur of the Reykjavik police. In this sequel,  his subordinate,  Elinborg, takes center stage in unraveling the murder of a serial rapist who drugs his victims with Rophypnol. Elinborg is a very competent and clever female detective attempting to find a balance between family obligations and her professional career. As she and the team investigate, it leads them to a rural Icelandic village with some very nasty secrets. This sequel is much more touchy feely with Elinborg in the lead. While I enjoyed the mystery, I do prefer the grumpy, old fashioned and impenetrable Erlendur.

Knit, Purl, Die

From Francine Schwarz 
Title:  Knit, Purl, Die
Author:  Anne Canadeo
This is the second book in the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery series.  I choose it because the knitting club caught my eye.  A knitting club that solves mysteries is combines the two things I enjoy most.  I liked the way Canadeo has developed the main characters and will look forward to reading the other books in the series.