State Of Wonder

From  Michele Szydlo
Title:  State Of Wonder
Author:  Ann Patchett
This is a very engrossing story that takes you from a Minnesota pharmaceutical company to the Amazon.  It’s full of love, danger & mystery and introduces some very interesting characters-male & female. I’d definitely recommend it.

The Jewels of Paradise

From Elaine Pasquali 
Title:  The Jewels of Paradise
Author:  Donna Leon
Caterina Pellegrini, a musicologist and native Venetian, returns to Venice to determine whether a baroque composer, long dead, died intestate and whether two alledged distant, greedy cousins of the composer,have any “testamentary” claim on his estate.  Rumors of a treasure spark intrigue and mystery.  This was a very engaging book, but frequent insertion of Italian/Venetian phrases and sentences, without translation, detracted some from the flow.