From Grace Segers
Title:  Cleopatra
Author:  Stacy Schiff
Before reading Cleopatra, a biography written expertly by Stacy Schiff, I knew very little about Cleopatra’s life except for her reputation as a seductress. Schiff quickly discards this man-made myth, exploring the woman behind the legend with in-depth research and captivating writing. Anyone who wishes to know a correct portrayal of one of history’s most misunderstood women should read this book.

The Tiger’s Wife

From Grace Segers
Title:  The Tiger’s Wife
Author:  Tea Obreht
The Tiger’s Wife is, in a word, excellent. Tea Obreht, while very young, is a compelling writer and excellent storyteller.  Set in an unnamed Balkan state at  end of the war of the 1990s,the novel jumps between time periods and characters, always staying fresh and innovative. I cannot recommend it enough.

LI Parent Magazine June/ July issue

From Elham (Ellie) Raminfard
Title:  LI Parent Magazine June/ July issue
Author:  Liza Burby
I love this magazine for many reasons. It always has the latest and newest news fro parenting and on kids. It gives you information from everything from birth to college. All the brthday party places and clothing, toy stores. It talks about allergies, foods to boost energy etc.. The magazine is always winning awards. Overall great magazine.