Kill Me If You Can

From Stephanie Bunce
Title:  Kill Me If You Can
Author:  James Patterson and Marshall Karp
This book was just as fast-paced and riveting as all his other books. Non-stop action involving an art student who finds a bag of diamonds and is then stalked by the Russian mafia, halfway around the world. Couldn’t put it down.


Title:  VIRALS
ON A AMALL ISLAND IN SOUTH CAROLINA USED BY SCIENTISTS FOR HABITATS AN ADVENTURE HAPPENS WHEN TEEN AGER, TORY BRENNAN, NIECE OF WELL RENOWNED FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGIST, TEMPERANCE BRENNAN, RELOCATES TP LIVE WITH HER FAther whose job is marine biologist.  after living with her ffather on this island far from anyone she knows, she meets three local boys who are “sci-philes as tor the girl is.  they investugate another close island within a short boat ride,Loggerhed Island, that they were aware ws forbidden to enter.  this ,of course entices these four teens to exolore the intriguing island.  They break into the gtes and explore a building that appears well guarded.  At Loggerhead in the aforementioned building they discover a wolfdog pup whe has tubes in and out of him.  they rescue this pup unaware that the dog was injected with a rare strain of canine parvovirus which is deadly to dogs but not supposd to endanger humans.  while on this island the groupcome across the remins of a muirdered girl.  this gets the four friends thrown into police problems, viral experimemtationand discover that their DNA has been altered forever.