To Sketch a Thief

From  Sandi Rosenthal
Title:  To Sketch a Thief 
Author:  Sharon Pape
This is part two in the series by Sharon Pape, and just as good as the first. I really like the characters, Rory and Zeke. There is a new main character in this book, Hobo, a loveable dog who is scared of ghosts! This is difficult, being that Rory lives with Zeke, the ghost of a US Marshall who was murdered in this house in 1878.

Rory, a private investigator, is hired to find dogs that were kidnapped. The characters are fun and it is an enjoyable read.  I wanted to find out who killed Zeke, but also wanted him to stay with Rory.

Sketch Me If You Can

From Sandi Rosenthal
Title:  Sketch Me If You Can
Author:  Sharon Pape
When her uncle dies, police sketch artist Rory McCain inherits a list of clients from his private detective business. She also inherits his house in Huntington, Long Island which is inhabited by the ghost of federal marshal Ezekiel Drummond, “Zeke”.  Zeke was killed there in 1878 and refuses to crossover until he determines who killed him and why.

Rory is draw into one of her uncle’s unsolved cases which involves a murderer; she needs help; and Zeke is there for her. I especially found the exchanges between Rory and Zeke fun and amusing and liked the glimpses into Zeke’s story in the late 1800s. This is the first book in the series and I really looked forward to the next book and to learn more about how Zeke came to New York and who murdered him.

Minding Frankie

From  Stephanie Bunce
Title:  Minding Frankie
Author:  Maeve Binchy
Minding Frankie is a wonderful, wonderful book. In true Maeve Binchy style, characters from her other novels are neatly woven into the present one and make such a wonderful tapestry of stories, centered around Noel, a recovering alcoholic who is surprised to find out that he is a the father of a baby girl whose mother died shortly after her birth, and the help he gets from the various people living in his small Irish town. I am so sad to know that Maeve has passed away. The world has lost such a talented storyteller.