But I Wouldn’t Want to Die There

From  Elaine Pasquali 
Title:  But I Wouldn’t Want to Die There
Author:  Nancy Packard
What he or she said about the book: Jenny Cain travels to NYC to temporarily fill her friend, Carol’s, job as director of a community foundation. Carol was murdered while jogging.  As Jenny handles foundation crises, she solves Carol’s murder.  The book is particularly enjoyable because of the setting: Manhattan and Brooklyn landmarks and lifestyles.


From Donna Southard
Title:  Fearless
Author:  Eric Blehm
This is one of the best books about an American hero that I have read.  This book was very inspirational as well as making one appreciate all that our US warriors are doing to protect us and the worldwide concept known as freedom.  Thank you to all who have served are are serving in all branches of the US military.