The Hamptons real estate horror show

From Andrea  Kalinowski
Author: Anonymous Times Two
The Hamptons real estate horror show 
The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show by Anonymous Times Two is an entertaining peek into the realtors’ viewpoint of the Hampton real estate market. The vignettes of the different prospective buyers were quite astounding. One buyer wanted top of the line kitchen equipment even as her husband stated “But you don’t cook.” Another potential renter left her baby in the foyer while touring the property. Thanks that the baby turned out to be a doll but I am scared for that woman’s potential real child. Another woman was trying to reclaim her security deposit stating “We left the house in better shape than when we rented it.” A claim the realtor could refute with evidence of a dog unhousebroken. An entertaining and quick read in addition to giving us some insight into how some of those with money behave when it comes to renting real estate.


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