one crazy summer

From  Linda Lewter
Title:  one crazy summer
Author:  rita williams garcia
this was in the 1st R as a mom/daughter & my 15yr old read and enjoyed it.I liked the way the daughters found a way to connect with the mother that left them.Easy reading.

The Mercedes Coffin

From Elaine Pasquali 
Title:  The Mercedes Coffin
Author:  Faye Kellerman
Detective Peter Decker is enlisted in solving a cold case of murder that has similarities to a recent murder. This gives him an opportunity to work with his detective daughter, Cindy.  Unfortunately, the focus of the story is primarily on suspects and colleague detectives.  Decker’s  family life with wife, Rina, and daughter, Hannah, is minimal.  Earlier books were very enriched by interweaving their orthodox Jewish life-style into the story. I missed that element in this book.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

From  le ngo
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Author:  Mark Haddon
The mystery of the murdered dog baffles a young Christopher Boone who sets out to solve the case.  Christopher has a massive memory capacity, is very logical, loves complicated math problems, and is a child with autism.  In this novel, Christopher begins by investigating the murder of his neighbor’s dog.  He uncovers a lot more than he bargained for as his investigation eventually takes him out of his hometown of Swindon to London, traveling all by himself on the train.