Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

From Andrea Payne
Title: Diary of a Mad Fat Girl
Author: Stephanie McAfee
A hilarious page turner about 3 friends from Bugtussle, MS who all all teach at the local high school. Graciella “Ace”  Jones, is the main character. Lilly is her best friend and a “retired” model. Chloe is wealthy and married to an abusive serial cheater, Richard. Ace is a size 16, loves pizza, beer, cheeseburgers, her Chiweenie dog, Buster Lou and her ex whom she left 3 years ago. The story begins with Lilly being fired under by their horrid principal, who torments Ace and as it turns out has a secret of her own she doesn’t wish to be revealed. The story follows Ace & Lilly on severalc comical misadventures as they stalk Chloe’s husband in an effort to prove he’s cheating, hoping to provide Chloe with enough motivation to divorce him. Unexpected assistance comes from an unexpected source. This books is fun & fast-paced. Definitely worth reading.


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