From Stephanie  Bunce
Title:  Ascend
Author:  Amanda Hocking
 This is the final book in the Trylle series. Wendy really proves herself to be a true member of the Trylle society and fit to be Queen. She proves to be a mature and intelligent young woman, who puts her people before herself. Thankfully, she finds true love, as she really deserves to be happy. The short stories at the end of each of these books add a unique twist to each.


From Stephanie Bunce
Title:  Torn
Author:  Amanda Hocking
 This is the second book in the Trylle trilogy and is even better than the first. It goes on to introduce Wendy’s troll father, the evil ruler of a rival faction of trolls, called the Vittra. It also continues to delve the complicated relationship between Wendy and her mother, the Queen.


From Stephanie  Bunce 
Title:  Switched
Author:  Amanda Hocking
This is the first novel of a fantasy trilogy written for YA, but in my opinion, fantasy transcends all ages. LOVED this book. Similar to Twilight but instead of vampires, it is about the Trylles, a race of trolls who live on the outskirts of human society, except for their changelings, who are troll infants that are switched with human babies, so that they are raised in human society and are able to eventually bring money home to their real troll families when they are reunited. This first book is about Wendy’s introduction to the Trylles, as the Princess who will eventually rule over them.

Something Borrowed

From  Stephanie Bunce 
Something Borrowed
Author:  Emily Giffin
This book was wonderful and a very easy read. I haven’t seen the movie, but now I want to! It was very insightful into two different personalities and it brought back memories of a childhood friendship I had that was very similar to the one between Rachel and Darcy. I am so, so glad that Dex chose the right woman! You can’t go wrong reading this book.

All Woman and Springtime

From  Le Ngo 
Title:  All Woman and Springtime
Author:  Brandon W. Jones
This sad tale follows the lives of two young woman starting from their time in an orphanage in communist North Korea. Though having quite polar personalities, they are able to form a balanced friendship to get them through their monotonous lives. While discovering their sexual identities, the girls find themselves forced into sex slavery from a man with whom one of the girls becomes enamored. Feeling betrayed and confused, they quickly adapt to their lives as sex slaves in order to survive. Yet, when the pressure of their imprisoned lives increases, the girls’ polar personalities handle the situations very differently.