When The Dancing Stopped-The Real Story of the Morro Castle Disaster and It’s Deadly Wake

From Michele Szydlo 
Title:  When The Dancing Stopped-The Real Story of the Morro Castle Disaster and It’s Deadly Wake
Author:  Brian Hicks
I had to keep reminding myself that this was non-fiction, because it really read like fiction.  I was engrossed in a crime story that took place not only at sea, but on land.  If you’ve ever been on a cruise ship it’s even more fascinating.

Secrets to the Grave

From Linda Lewter
Title:  Secrets to the Grave
 Author:  Tami Hoag
 This book has the same charaters as Deeper than the Grave.I liked the charaters so I read this one. If you can get past another horrible crime happening in the same little town,and involving the same victim from the 1st book becoming a victim two ore times, then you will like this book. I had a hard time with the “lightning striking twice”  aspect of this book.


From Gina Scaglione
Title:  Mommy?
Author:  Marice Sendak 
My aunt always collected pop-up books.  They were beautiful, with intricate pictures. I always loved when she let us look at them. We were never allowed to touch them, mind you, but we loved them just the same.  I started my collection today with Mommy and my kids and I absolutely adore it!  I can’t wait to get my next one.

Something More: Nurturing Your Child’s Spiritual Growth

From Gina Scaglione 
Title:  Something More: Nurturing Your Child’s Spiritual Growth
Author:  Jean Grasso Fitzpatrick 
This book is meant to be a guide to raising your children with spirituality, not necessarily religion of any one kind. I thought that it would be the perfect book for our family. However, I found that it was definitely written with a Judeo-Christian twist which was very disappointing to me. I do not recommend this book for people not practicing either the Jewish or Christian faiths.