Never Let Me Go

From Grace Segers
 Title:  Never Let Me Go
Author:  Kazuo Ishiguro
To say that this novel broke my heart would be an understatement. It is breathtakingly beautiful in style and content. Ishiguro has managed to make the protagonist, who navigates youth throughout the novel, sound like an actual teenager, which, as a teenager myself, is a characteristic of the novel that is both important and impressive. I cannot recommend this book more. It was absolutely, positively fantastic.

fifty shades darker

From Margo Blatt
Title: fifty shades darker
Author: E. L. James
What he or she said about the book: everyone has read this already i am sure. the money Christian Slater has is amazing. Buying the company where his girlfriend works. crazy. unhelathy relationship if you ask me. don’t really care for her books but I need to know what happens at the end. won’t spend money for these books. don’t know what the big hype is. doesn’t do it for me.

The Hidden Legacy of WW II

From Margo Blatt
Title: The Hidden Legacy of WW II
Author: Carol Schultz Vento
Issues that veterans have no matter what war they fought in are described. Nobody acknowledged WW II as a cause of PTSD. Vietnam was when most outsiders knew there were psychological issues for these men and women. The poor families had to deal with so much stress. alcoholism, drugs. Families living with vetreans share experiences which helps them deal. THey are not the only ones who live with family members negatively affaected by WW II and others. The beginning of this book kept me very interested. 3/4 of the way through I felt that there was repetition and I became bored with it.. I started skimming through it.