Bring Up The Bodies

From Grace Segers 
Bring Up The Bodies
Author:  Hilary Mantel
The new book Bring Up The Bodies is the second novel in a trilogy focused on the life and politics of Thomas Cromwell, one of Henry VIII’s closest advisers. I had fallen in love with Mantel’s storytelling and Cromwell’s life in Wolf Hall, which is an exhibition of beautiful writing. However, if Wolf Hall is beautiful, Bring Up The Bodies is positively exquisite. Gorgeous writing, gripping storytelling, philosophical contemplations, and rich scandal make this book a must read. Everyone with half a brain should read it, if only to admire it.

Listen to an audio excerpt!


One thought on “Bring Up The Bodies

  1. I found both books unreadable. What’s with all of the colons and semicolons?
    She may tell a compelling story but it takes too long to get to the point. Her writing style is clumsy and frustrating to read. I am sure her research is impeccable, but trying to reading her books is an exercise futility. Philippa Gregory tells the same story in a much more readable novel – The Other Boleyn

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