The Little Russian

From  Lynne Demestichas 
Title:  The Little Russian
Author:  Susan Sherman
Berta is the Little Russian.She is from a poor Russian shtetl during the 1900’s. She works for a well-to-do family in Moscow, until the pogroms  destroy most of the society there.Going back to her poorer roots Berta gets married to Herschel, an arms smuggler who flees to America without her, after almost getting caught by the enemy. After 10 years of searching war torn villages for Berta , they meet up in Warsaw and move back to America. Historical fiction, with a good plot, sometimes confusing, but  a good read.

The Unresolved Seventh

From Lynne Demestichas 
The Unresolved Seventh
Author:  Richard Helms 
Ben Long is a retired lawyer with Asperger’s ,who is called upon to help  in a murder case where the defendant  is autistic Long’s aim is to prove the defendent not competent to testify even though he pleaded guilty to the crime .Was he coerced into his confession, or did he just not understand what he was confessing to?


From Andrea Kalinowski
Author:  Samuel Richardson
Pamela is the story of a virtuous young woman in household employ. The young master is enamored of her charms and beseeches her to allow him her favors. She resists him mightily and so she wins his hand in marriage. Shamela by Henry Fielding is his satirical response to Richardson’s virtuous protagonist. He did not believe that Richardson’s character truly acted in that fashion and so he turned everything Richardson had penned on its head. Fielding made the main character a loose woman and the opposite of every virtue Richardson had given Pamela was contained in Shamela. Shamela was a scheming, devious woman who ensnared her master. Pamela embodied all that was good in womankind and Shamela was all the vices in womankind.  As entertaining a read then, as it is today.

The Beginner’s Goodbye

From Laura Caran
Title: The Beginner’s Goodbye
Author: Anne Tyler
A young handicapped man fall in love with a Dr. then loses her in a freak accident when a tree falls on their house and she is killed. It details the slow process of his grief. She “comes back” to him speaking about their relationship and their love; then she no longer “returns” and he eventually falls in love again with another woman, marries, and they have a little girl. He is happy though he never forgets his first wife.