Cave of forgotten dreams [videorecording DVD]

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Werner  Herzog
Cave of forgotten dreams [videorecording DVD]
This exceptional documentary takes   viewers into a 30,000 year old Paleolithic cave. Discovered in 1994, Chauvet Cave in southern France is closed to the public. Only a limited number of scientists are permitted inside. This was a real “coup d’etat”  for Herzog and his film crew to gain entrance.  In extraordinary  3D imaging,  amazing drawings of bison, aurochs, rhinos, musk ox,  cave bears, ibex, horses, and  mammoths, come to life  on the cave walls.  Beautiful   stalagmites   rise from the cave floor and fossilized animal prints  abound.  In one chamber human handprints in red ochre are found on the cave walls.  If you are as memorized as me by the beauty and archaeological significance of Chauvet, the library owns Chauvet Cave:  The Art of Earliest Times,   beautifully illustrated book published  in 2003.