Please look after Mom

From Eileen Effrat
Author:  Kyung-Sook    Shin
Please look after Mom 
Once you read this novel, you will never look at your Mom in the same light. You will find yourself asking, “Do I really KNOW my Mom?”The story begins when a 69 year old  woman , suffering from dementia, is separated from her husband  at the Seoul train station and  goes missing. While her adult children and husband search for her, each recounts Mom’s sacrifices and their own selfishness…  What emerges is a portrait of a hard working country woman whose life entirely revolved around her children.  This book is more than a guilt ridden soap opera.  For me it explored the complex relationship between grown children and parents. When do children assume the role of parent for aging parents?   What does motherhood entail? Simply written, this is the first English translation of one of South Korea’s best-selling novelists.