Draw the dark

From Carson Teen Book Reviewer
Author:  Ilsa  Bick
Draw the dark 
This book is about a seventeen year old boy named Christian Cage. Both of Christian’s parents disappeared when he was little. Due to Christian having no mother or father, he got to live with Uncle Hank, the town Sheriff. Christian’s mother left clues behind for him. These clues led to Christian’s development of the idea that his parents are trapped in a place called “the sideways place.” In school, Christian Cage is considered to be an outsider who doesn’t fit in with the rest because people believe that he caused the near death of his first-grade teacher years earlier. Christian spends extremely great amounts of time drawing images of the sideways place. In the beginning of the story, he discovers that in his sleep he has painted the official emblem of the Nazi Party on a prominent citizen’s barn.  After that, he begins to have nightmares. In his nightmares, he sees violent incidents from the past from the perspective of a young Jewish boy. This scares Christian, so he researches Winter’s history for an explanation, and there are World War II-era events involving a camp for German prisoners of war. Christian also researches and tries to find out about how he is able to draw the thoughts and nightmares of those around him. With Christian in Winter, Wisconsin, the town will not be able to ignore or forget what actually happened where they live. I’d recommend this book to people who like reading books that are mysterious, intense, and creepy. The whole idea of this book is so unique that it will be one memorable book. However, I would not recommend this book to little kids because the writing style can be random at times and hard for some people to get through.

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