Super human

From  Ryan Teen Book Reviewer
Author:  Michael Carroll 
Super human 
This book is about a teenage boy named Lance McKendrick who earns money by pulling scams on people. Lance wants to keep his identity a secret so it does not go on his record. A group of superheroes are trying to take control of a nuclear power plant that the super villains took over. Lance wants to help. The superheroes are teenagers that have super human abilities. They recruit other super humans to help. Their next target for the super villains is a bigger nuclear power plant. The super villains are looking for something that would bring back Krodin, a ruler of the past of 4,456 years ago. He also had super human abilities and ruled the world. He was said to be immortal, but one day when the sun rose he burned to death. Lance and the superheroes try to prevent Krodin from awakening and defeat the super villains.

I think this book is very interesting but it changes events a lot and you have to be able to learn about the characters quickly or else you will get confused. On the most part it explains everything clearly and is very interesting and it hooks you in at every chapter. I recommend this book to teenagers and early adults because some parts of the book may get confusing and you might need to read parts over and over again. I also recommend this book to people that have lots of time on their hands because the book keeps reeling you in and you want to read more. Lastly, I recommend this book to someone that likes superheroes and super villains and is interested in a comic like story. I highly recommend this book.

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