White Heat

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: McGrath, M. J.
White Heat
 An accident, a disappearance and a suicide.  Inuit hunter/guide Edie Kiglatuk knows they are all murders but she must prove it.  What is the motive?  Who is the killer?  Can one of their own be part of a conspiracy?  Edie must battle the brutal Arctic and overcome the Council of Elders’ decision not to investigate the incidences in order to find the killer before she becomes the next victim.  McGrath offers a vivid portrayal of the culture, politics and psyche of the Inuit who inhabit this beautiful, remote and deadly land.  The cold is unimaginable, the local cuisine is unthinkable and the main characters are unforgettable.  It is a totally engrossing suspense.

The bone garden : the Sacramento boardinghouse murders

From Jackie Cantwell
author: Wood, William P
 The bone garden : the Sacramento boardinghouse murders
This is the true story of Dorothea Puente who was one of our country’s most prolific female serial killers. The author has first-hand knowledge of the crimes, as he was a deputy D.A. in Sacramento when she was tried for drugging and robbing elderly people in 1982. After jail time, she continued her life of crime in earnest. She opened a boardinghouse where she “cared for” the sick, the elderly, and the mentally ill. She got referrals from local social workers.  She took the tenants’ monthly government checks and cashed them. If any of her charges got difficult, they were drugged, strangled or smothered to death, and buried in the backyard.  This is definitely a page-turner. “The bone garden” will chill you to the bone.