The Help

From Geri Sundermier
author: Stockett, Kathryn
 The Help
A great book that gives the perspective of what it might have felt like to be the hired help, down south in the 1950’s.  There are so many great
lessons about courage and acceptance.  This was an amazing book!!

One Year To An Organized Life

From Geri Sundermier
author: Leeds, Regina
One Year To An Organized Life
A terrific book that gives a plan for getting your whole life organized.  It is a week by week guide that organizes everything from your closets to your food menus and finances.   You don’t feel overwhelmed when you read this book.  You can take little steps.

Who Moved My Cheese?

From Gina Scaglione
author: Johnson, Spencer
Who Moved My Cheese?
This was the summer of self help:). This book is a quick read. It’s purpose is to have us learn to deal with, accept & flourish during times of change in our lives. In addition, it is meant to possibly push us to change when it is needed. Unfortunately for me, this was a summer of major health issues, some of which I did not want to accept. This book truly helped me to “roll with the punches” when something was out of my control. I highly recommend it to anyone undergoing changes that were not in your control.

Midnight and the Meaning of Love

From Andrea Payne
author: Souljah, Sistah
Midnight and the Meaning of Love
I am a fan of “The Coldest Winter Ever,” but was deeply disappointed by this book.  This is not a sequel to that book and has nothing to do with “Coldest Winter Ever.”  I’m not intimidated by 500+ page books, but was really annoyed that the story didn?t even BEGIN until about page 200.  It was very slow in the beginning and many of the characters that she describes in the first 200 pages are never mentioned again in this story.  She overdid it with explaining all the nuances of Muslim faith and Japanese culture.  It was so bogged down in Religion, Anthropology &  Sociology that it subtracts from the story. 
Some of the story is all over the place and doesn’t make much sense; it also seems a little farfetched at times. At lot of events are just long and  drawn out.  Certain things that happen in this story where you would expect an explanation of why it happened- never appear.  I’m glad I borrowed this from the library because I would have been annoyed if I wasted money on this long book that was boring at times to the point where I fell asleep reading it.  The ending was also too vague and open and I seriously hope she is not planning another follow-up book to this  one.   This was an extremely substandard and horrible read.