Left to Tell

From Caryn Eve Murray
author: Ilibagiza, Immaculee
“Left to Tell”
This is a book about the unthinkable, a Rwandan massacre that destroyed one woman’s country, along with her home and family but not her faith or hope for the future. Immaculee Illibagiza’s words are not easy to absorb, nor are the photos of her loving family easy to gaze upon after the details of their brutal killings at the hands of Hutu death squads are revealed in these pages. There is much to contemplate – about faith, about human nature and even inhuman nature – in this memoir. That she and a handful of other Tutsis survived after being hidden in the home of a Hutu pastor is remarkable and yet gut-wrenching. This is a book worth reading slowly. It is worth reading carefully. It is worth, well worth, reading.