What Italy Has Given to the World

From Elaine Pasquali
author: Cipolla, Gaetano
What Italy Has Given to the World
This pamphlet is all of 32 pages, but is chock full of Italy’s less
widely known contributions to art, music, science, food and popular culture. Basically a lecture that Mr. Cipolla presented to students at St. John’s University’s Italian Club, it substantiates the information presented with explanatory footnotes.  This pamphlet was an interesting and informative summary of Italians’ achievements over the centuries.

Wishin’ and Hopin’

From Rebecca Segers
author: Lamb, Wally
 Wishin’ and Hopin’
It’s 1964 and Felix Funicello is in 5th grade.  His family has three reasons to be famous in their small town in Connecticut.  His mother is a finalist in the Pillsbury Bake-off – she’s be on TV with Art Linkletter and Ronald Reagan.  His Junior Midshipmen Troop is going to be on TV, too – the Ranger Andy show in Hartford.  Plus the capper is that his very own cousin is the famous Annette Funicello.  The story is a slice of life adventure from the beginning of school to the Christmas show at his parochial school, told in the voice of an 11-year-old boy from a more innocent time.  This nostalgic read is light, entertaining and leaves the reader with a song and a smile.

Run For Your Life

From Gina Cortina
author: Patterson, james
Run For Your Life
In James Paterson style, chapters are short and sweet and make you
want to see what is going to happen next! In this psychological thriller Detective Mike Bennett is once again faced with trying to catch a killer. Just when you think you have figured out who the killer is, there is a twist in the story. This is a great beach side read!

The Girl Who kicked the Hornet’s Nest

From Theresa Gustafson
author: Larsson.Stieg
The Girl Who kicked the Hornet’s Nest
This is the third and final mystery of Mr. Larsson ‘s trilogy. In this story the main character is again,Lisbeth Salander. In the other two stories she has kept many secrets about her past. In the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest these mysteries slowly unfold like a flower. This book reveals brutally terrible things have happened to Lisbeth in the past and they are still going on. Her friend,Kalle Blomkvist,the journalist, helps Lisbeth behind the scene so no one knows who’s helping her.At times the Swedish names got me confused, but the story is so compelling you just have to find out what happens next.