From Rebecca Segers
author: Collins, Suzanne
 The final novel in the Hunger Games Trilogy finds Katniss Everdeen underground in District 13 – the supposedly defeated district in the long-ago rebellion – along with the others who’ve also been rescued.  The leaders of the new revolution want to use her as a symbol, the Mockingjay who acts as their unifying face.  District 13 has not only survived but thrived in the 75 years since the last conflict, but only under strict rules and regulations.  Katniss chafes under these strictures, even as she can see that they have a strong insurgency machine in place.  Her old friend and hunting partner, Gale, is less concerned and more willing to throw his energies into the fight.  Meanwhile, her former partner and “fiance,” Peeta, has been captured by the Capitol and is being used as a pawn in their denunciation of the uprising.  As the battles rage, ethical questions are raised and wrestled with, in the midst of a world that is very different and yet has deep similarities to our own.  Once again, Suzanne Collins has woven a fast-paced engaging tale that keeps the reader guessing, as well as rooting for a better future for the characters that s/he has come to love over the course of the trilogy.

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