Secret of the White Rose

From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Pintoff, Stefanie
 Secret of the White Rose
Anarchists? Blackmailers? Conspirators?  Who is killing judges?  And why are white roses, bibles and sheets of music left at the crime scenes?

Detective Simon Ziele and Criminologist Alistair Sinclair’s hunt for the killer takes them through the opulent world of high society and the poverty ridden streets of 1906 New York City.  It is a baffling case that has the public screaming for the blood of the anarchists, the media deciding guilt in their articles, and the commissioner pressuring his officers to find the suspects immediately.  Time is running out for Simon and Alistair. Will the truth be discovered or will the next victim hit closer to home?  Pintoff’s crime fighting duo are a perfect blend. Their differences in age, social class, and criminal investigation add dimension to the plot and make turn of the century New York come to life.  This is the third book in the series which includes “A Curtain Falls” and “In the Shadow of Gotham.”

My sister’s Keeper

From Mary Quirindongo
author: Picoult,Jodi
My sister’s Keeper
At first I didn’t like reading this book. It was a little confusing the way she separated the characters and kept jumping back and forth. I’m glad I stuck with it. The story is about a family who discovers their child has leukemia at the age of two. Read what they go through to save her including having a baby that is a genetic match for her sister.Read about Jesse the brother who seems to be invisable once Kate is diagnosed. This book is worth reading.

Catching Fire

From Rebecca Segers
author: Collins, Suzanne
Catching Fire
 The second book in the trilogy finds heroine Katniss Everdeen struggling to determine her relationship with her “boyfriend/fiance,” Peeta, even as President Snow demands that she “prove” her love to him in order quell the uprisings that are beginning in the Districts as a result of her rash action at the end of the previous year’s Hunger Games that enabled two victors.  As the two “star-crossed lovers” travel their victory tour, it becomes more and more apparent that rebellion is underway and nothing that Katniss does is going to stop – if indeed that is what she desires.  Everything comes to a head when the 75th Hunger Games are announced – a “Quell” with special rules – and this year’s rules are that the tributes be chosen from victors of previous games.  We meet a fascinating cast of characters of winners who’ve all dealt with the horrific emotional burden of being the Victor in a variety of ways – and see how they struggle to make sense of and alliances within the most fascinating game set-up ever.