The Language of Bees

From Tony Chan
author: King, Laurie R.
 The Language of Bees
I read Sherlock Holmes when I was young … mainly with Dr. Watson.  I thought it was quite interesting to read Sherlock Holmes through a woman’s point of view.  Although the writing was quite elaborate and at times, may be too elaborate, it had brought me into the story.  Along with some dry English humor, I enjoyed the book.  BTW, the story continues with The God of Hives.

The Map of True Places

From Geri Sundermier
author: Barry, Brunonia
The Map of True Places
This book is hard to put down!  There are a lot of twists and turns!  The story gives an inside look at therapy, and the effect on both patient and therapist.  The story is beautifully told and you’ll feel like you had a seaside vacation!

The Diary of a Young Girl

From Catherine Costanzo
author: Frank, Anne
 The Diary of a Young Girl
A true story as you know — but a classic tale of a young girl and her family as they are “hidden” during world war II.  Anne keeps a diary about their day to day trials and events, and one can see the young girl that she is, as well as sometimes an adult insight into what is happening to the family.