A Taste of Crimson (book 2)

From Robin McCracken
author: Liu, Marjorie M.
A Taste of Crimson (book 2)
The peace between humans, vampires and werewolves move unsteadily, and are on the brink of collapse. Different character names, same synopsis in book 1. The powers of each species are enhancing, but the end result is the same. Boy gets girl or the girl gets boy.

The Longer the Fall

From Robin McCracken
author: Arthen, Inanna
The Longer the Fall
Refusal to be fully honest, Diana, who was raised within a secretive magical organization and Thomas Morgan, a member of the Order who she believes may be immortal, plan a magical spell, but find each other in a disaster beyond their worst nightmares. They are forced to confront the deadly consequences of their fully developed spell turning against them and those who helped them.  At the end, an interesting twist.