The Hundred Foot Journey

From Kathy Taufman
author: Morais, Richard
The Hundred Foot Journey
I enjoyed reading this book.  The author maintained my interest in the characters and storyline throughout the book.  This book touched on many things.  It gave you some insight into the world of cooking and being a chef. Also, how we treat others and whether we are a person who wants to be in a place of always looking/expecting to receive or do we want to be a giver.  It also gives some insight into another culture.

Jenniemae and James, A black and White Memoir

From Margo Blatt
author: Newman, Brooke
Jenniemae and James, A black and White Memoir
I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this book immensely.  I won it last year from the adult reading club.  I never read memiors before.  Didn’t think I’d like them.  But now I want to meet Brooke and her family.  She had a tough childhood but could have been worse. I loved the relationship between the 2 main characters.  I gave the book to my mom to read.  She must have hundreds of books to be read at her house and has given many away and I explained she had to read this one.  Hope she enjoys it as much as I did.