The Priest’s Graveyard

From Grace Kim-Lu
author: Dekker,Ted
The Priest’s Graveyard
From the first pages, this book grabs you in. As the book opens, you are dropped into a life and death scene and left wandering when, where and why how it all started.  As the title implies, the priest has killed in the past and is currently on a mission to rid the society of “the worst” of sinners. His path leads him to run into an ex-heroine woman whose life purpose is to kill the man that murdered her husband.  Together they realize that they are after the same powerful man whose upfront charitable organization hides a deceitful, greedy, murderous scandal.  The priest and the ex-drug addict’s dilemma leaves them asking who is “worthy” of death. Their blooming affection for each other also leads them to see if their lives are worth the love to offer as a sacrifice.  The book has twists and turns in the plot that the reader never in a million years will suspect. I could not put the book down after I picked it up.

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