Girl Meets God

From Rebecca Segers
author: Winner, Lauren F.
Girl Meets God
 “Girl Meets God” is the memoir of a young woman who is the product of a Jewish/Christian marriage, but raised a Reformed Jew.  As she grows into her teens, she is drawn ever more deeply into her faith and as a college student at Columbia, she converts to Orthodox Judaism (this is necessary as her Judaism has been passed down patrilineally and is thus not accepted according to Orthodox Jewish standards).  Notwithstanding her deep commitment to the faith of her father(s), she finds herself drawn even more fully to Jesus and ultimately commits to Christianity, converting yet again while studying at Oxford University in England.  An incredibly bright and articulate woman, Lauren is still sorting out her connections to her past and her deepening Christian identity.  At times witty, clever, midrashic and thoughtful or all at once, this moving memoir is sure to make the reader ponder his or her own faith journey and perhaps strengthen it as well.

Haunted Campers: True Ghost Stories

From Gina Scaglione
author: Zullo, Allan
 Haunted Campers: True Ghost Stories
 This book is a young adult novel.  I was reading it in order to be able to tell my children some really good ghost stories when we are camping.  My children are only six and seven, yet they actually really liked the book.  At first I was reading it and then retelling them the stories.  By the end, they wanted to hear the stories exactly as they were written.  The vocabulary was obviously not easy for them, but the stories are very descriptive, so the children loved them.  I highly recommend this series of books for a light read, especially if you are camping with your family this summer.  Enjoy, and happy trails:)