Before I Go To Sleep

From Hannah Columbo
author: Watson,S.J.
Before I Go To Sleep
In this well-written thriller, Christine wakes up every day unsure of who she is. She can’t remember her husband or the life they led together. She
can’t remember anything. She keeps a journal so that she can read it every morning and continue her life as if she remembers what happened yesterday. This book builds to an interesting climax that I won’t reveal here.

Guilt By Association

From Paulette Aspesi
author: Clark, Marcia
Guilt By Association
Never expected this good a book from her. Characters were great and it was an easy read. Hope this becomes a series. The heroine, DA Rachel Knight, is gutsy and funny. She has commitment problems and ended a relationship a while back that still has her upset. However, in this book, she begins to have feelings for a police lieutenant. Loved her two friends. Book has two plot lines, but they end up merging into one. Do not want to give away any more of the story. Read it yourself and enjoy like I did.