Dancing Lessons

From Donna Healy
author: Burke, Cheryl
Dancing Lessons
I found Cheryl’s story to be very interesting. I especially like the role Cheryl’s mother played in her life and how she came from a poor village in the Phillipines and went to build a company of her own. Cheryl’s mother is a very good business woman and has helped Cheryl to build her brand. This story goes beyond Dancing with the Stars.

Innocent in Death

From Elaine Pasquali,
author: Robb, J.D.
Innocent in Death
J.D.Robb is a pen name of Nora Roberts. This book is part of a suspense series featuring police liertenant Eve Dallas. At the same time that Eve is
hunting for the killer of a well-liked private school teacher, Craig Foster, she is coping with the appearance of her billionaire husband’s former lover,  Magdelana. Magdelena is an unnerving distraction as Eve tries to solve the Foster case.  This book is set in the future, but I found that the only  references to the future, calendar dates and “tubes” of Pepsi, were contrived.  I was very disappointed with this book.

Finger Lickn’ Fifteen

From Elaine Pasquali
author: Evanovich, Janet
titl: Finger Lickn’ Fifteen
Once again, Evanovich has written a laugh-out-loud book about the antics of bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and her side kick, Lula.  This time Lula is eye witness to a beheading and the murderers are after her.  Throw in a BBQ contest and Grandma and Lula teaming up as contestants cum  sleuths and you have one of Evanovich’s best Plum books yet.  A great book to kick off your summer reading.

Power Thoughts : 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Meyer, Joyce
Power Thoughts : 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind
More than just another book on the power of positive thinking, this follow-up to the author?s “Battlefield of the Mind” gets  very specific about how to overcome negative thinking and win the battle of the mind. This popular Christian motivational speaker devotes a chapter each to 12 thoughts to meditate on and internalize. You can control your thought life, and in doing so can positively affect every area of your life. 

This is a better book to buy than to borrow. If you borrow it from the library, plan on renewing it more than once. Take your time with each chapter and meditate on each thought. Bad habits are not changed overnight. Memorize these thoughts and they will become weapons you use to win the battle of the mind.

Come to the Edge

From Donna Healy
author: Haag, Christina
Come to the Edge
I found this book to be very compeling about as love that was lost. I found myself draw into the pages of this book about a romance between Christian Haag and of the most famous people in American, John Kennedy Jr. It was a story about young love lost and found and a friendship that latest until JFK Jr’s untimely death. It was written with love and respect. I would recommend this book.