Ender’s Game: Battle School

From Dean, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Card, Orson Scott
Ender’s Game: Battle School
Ender’s Game: Battle School by Orson Scott Card is an extremely short graphic novel, but that doesn’t make it uninteresting. I read it in about 30 minutes, so you could consider it to be like a TV show. The story, which takes place in the distant future, is about a 6 year old boy named Ender, who has been recruited into a military training facility. This one is more about when he first gets recruited and learns to deal with all the hardships, after all he is only 6 years old. I would strongly recommend this book to action and sci-fi fans. It has a lot of references to things such as null gravity, virtual reality and much more. As for action, this book packs a punch, whether it’s Ender taking out a bully old fashion style or laser action fight scene, it’s jam packed. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick sci-fi action comic book.

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