Witch & Wizard. Battle for Shadowland

From Wendi, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Patterson, James
Witch & Wizard. Battle for Shadowland
 I read the book WITCH & WIZARD BATTLE FOR SHADOWLAND, an original graphic novel adventure by James Patterson. It was an interesting book about a brother and a sister named Wist & Wisty.  Wist and Wisty have magical powers.  They can do amazing things like heal themselves from gunshot wounds and freeze people.  They are fighting with lots of help from their friends to beat the evil adults in the New Order.  They go into different dimensions through portals and are faced with danger all the time.  They go to a dimension called Shadowland that is really scary. The illustrations, by Victor Santos are terrific and make the book as exciting to read as it is to look at.  I enjoyed this graphic novel and would recommended it to everyone who likes scary adventure stories.

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