From Carly Skudin, Teen Book reviewer
author: Scott, Elizabeth
Grace by Elizabeth Scott is about a girl named Grace who was raised to be an angel; a messenger of death by suicide bomb. She refuses to die for the cause and is on the run in search for freedom. She is traveling to reach a border she may never find. On her journey she travels amongst evil-minded soldiers on a battered and broken-down train across the desert. She is accompanied by a mysterious and puzzling character named Kerr on her journey for freedom at the border. Grace struggles to be invisible, but her fear of discovery appears large as she remembers and recalls the sequence of events and her struggling past that delivered her to her questionable or uncertain fate.

 In this book Elizabeth Scott creates a world where you are told what you will be. A life without choices and many, many sacrifices. A colorless life, without beauty and connection and it is excessively cruel. In such a basic story the reader’s mind is continuously swirling as it puts  together the pieces of information and the actions of the protagonist, Grace, and Kerr.

 To me, this book was exciting and kept you on the edge of your seat when you wanted to find out what the next obstacle would be on Grace’s quest for freedom. It was a bit confusing, however, with the characters and the fact that some characters were spirits. This book had some historical fiction and religious beliefs to it, with all of the sacrifices for an almighty Keran Berj. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction, suspenseful books, and someone who can keep track of characters. Overall, it was a well-written book.

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