The Miles Between

From Eric, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Pearson, Mary E.
The Miles Between
The Miles Between is a unique story about four unique people. The main character is Destiny Faraday, a student at Hedgebrook Academy who tends to separate herself from the other students. Destiny has secrets, but chooses not to share them with anyone. All she truly wants in life is just “one fair day” where the good guy wins and everything works out for the best. One day Destiny and three of her classmates, Seth, Mira and Aidan happen to find a running convertible conveniently located on school grounds, and for once they decide to break the monotonous routine that has consumed then since they came to Hedgebrook. Throughout that trip they find friendship and much more. The foursome was able to put to rest many of the difficult things they had each endured during their short lives. Destiny is the one who has suffered the most, and thanks to her newfound friends, she is able to find peace and a brighter tomorrow. The Miles  Between is a story of fate, friendship, and accepting and confronting our past as a part of who we are as people. I would
recommend this for teenage readers, as the story provides an interesting perspective on life that will make a reader appreciate all that he or she has. It is an emotional story that I will not soon forget.

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