The Mermaid’s Mirror

From Divya, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Madigan, L.K.
The Mermaid’s Mirror
The Mermaid’s Mirror by L.K. Madigan is a great book about sixteen-year-old Lena, who lives on the beach but has never surfed in her whole life. The reason for this is her father, a former surfer who almost drowned years ago and banned her from doing so. But one day she sees a mermaid staring at her from far out of the ocean when she is walking along the beach. This along with sleepwalking, fainting, and random bouts of amnesia is enough to drive anyone insane. But her constant attraction to the sea leads to her discoveries about herself and her family, including her biological mother who was “lost.” Lena finds out that she comes from two totally different worlds and must make a difficult choice between true love and her family. This half realistic fiction and fantasy book will keep you turning the pages for more. I would give this book eight out of ten stars because its a great read for everyone and it is very easy to relate to Lena. A word of caution is that this book doesnt exactly have a fairy-tale ending so if you are looking for that, this might not be the best book for you. Overall, this is a great read for anyone who loves realistic fiction but at the same time is captivated by magic and mystery. So go out and read The Mermaid’s Mirror!

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