The White Horse Trick

From Erem, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Thompson, Kate
The White Horse Trick
I think that the book “The White Horse Trick” is imaginative and creative. I would recommend this book to kids who like to read fairy and fictional stories. In this story, kids can create the feeling of two different worlds which causes suspense for the reader. This story is about a kid who travels between two existing worlds of the fairy and human world. The story is set up in a place called Tir’an’og and is about a boy named Pup, who sets out to find his kidnapped brother. He travels to the human world and meets fairies and begins to understand the differences between fairies and humans. This book is filled with suspense and you should read the book to find out more.

Death of a chimney sweep : [a Hamish Macbeth mystery]

From Andrea Kalinowski
author: Beaton, M.C.
Death of a chimney sweep : [a Hamish Macbeth mystery]
 The latest in the Hamish Macbeth mysteries by M.C. Beaton just appeared on the library shelves and what an entertaining read it was. Hamish is back with his seemingly lazy persona and smart, incisive brain. He is not ambitious and makes no secret of that fact. He is part of the landscape of Lochdubh and has faith in the people he polices. Outsiders are to be distrusted and every time a stranger appears in the small village, murder and mayhem follow. His pets, Sonsie and Lugs, are the only ones with whom Hamish seems able to commit and they repay his loyalty by defending his life. The murder victim is an embezzler and one of his victims was unable to contain his rage and ire at being duped and so stuffed the embezzler up a chimmey. The chimney sweep is an initial suspect until he is found on the moors, murdered. Hamish is the first to connect the dots with inituitive leaps and his theories prove true.

Our Kind of Traitor

From Eileen Effrat
author: Le Carre, John
Our Kind of Traitor
Based on a December 2009 London newspaper article in The Observer that claimed drug money was the only thing keeping the British financial system afloat during the 2008 economic meltdown, Le Carre has written a top notch spy thriller I could not put down.  It all begins quite innocently, as two British nationals, Perry and Gail, take a tennis vacation to Antigua.

There they meet Dima, the number one money launderer for the Russian mob.  Dima wants  asylum in England for him and his family and  approaches the  couple  to make the connection with intelligence authorities in London.  The couple soon find themselves in the spy business. The “traitor” in this book may be Dima, ready to elude the Russian mob, or the corrupt British government officials who want to cover up shady British bank dealings.  This book is about greed , blood money, and the global banking industry.  More importantly, it’s about ordinary people trying to do the decent thing and   losing to “institutions” that have their own agendas for keeping power and wealth in the hands of a select few.