From Katie, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Shepard, Sara
Wanted : a pretty little liars novel
This book is the last book in the Pretty Little Liars Series. It is about what really happened to Ali, and who A really is. In this fantastic and spine tingling book, the police find someone who might be Ali’s true killer. Billy has no alibi and a recent picture found from the crime scene shows a blurry photo of the killer. The killer has blond hair, just like Billy. The problem is he didn’t do it. And the girls know this. As secrets come out, the final book in the Pretty Little Liars series has twists that you could never imagine.

 This book is a good book if you liked the other Pretty Little Liars books. It is a spine tingling book that you couldn’t put down if you tried. I give this book 5 stars!

Brooklyn : a novel

From Alicja Feitzinger
author: Colm Toibin
Brooklyn : a novel
Eilis Lacey grew up in a small Irish town. Her father passed away a few years ago, her brothers immigrated to England and she lives with her mother, deep in the shadow of her charismatic sister Rose. She is attending bookkeeping classes at a local vocational school. She is more preoccupied with her studies than with her appearance.  At one of the dances she meets Jim Farrell, who is rude to her. She also learns a bitter lesson of human prejudice  while working in a local shop for cool and calculating Miss Kelly.

At this point, an offer to move to Brooklyn is presented to her and she agrees to embark on a journey to a foreign land.  She works and studies in Brooklyn while living in a boarding house.  Most unexpectedly, she falls in love with Tony, but devastating news from Ireland  brings her back home for a long visit, where she is faced with most difficult choices. 

This is a very quiet, but touching novel, full of interesting and believable characters. It targets dilemmas of human heart, common to all immigrants and people who moved away from their hometown.

Governors Island : the jewel of New York Harbor

From Alicja Feitzinger
author: Buttenwieser, Ann L.
Governors Island : the jewel of New York Harbor
 This is a beautifully illustrated and well annotated history of Governors Island. It’s almost hard to believe that this small, 92 acre island has such rich history.  For more than 200 years the island was used as a military facility by British and American forces, utilizing its strategic location, but now it can be visited and enjoyed by the public. The book is worth glancing through before the visit to the Governors Island.

Three Stations

From Eileen Effrat
author: Smith, Martin Cruz
 Three Stations
Arkady Renko, Moscow’s homicide investigator extraordinaire, is still on the job after 30 years.  Politically and socially things have not changed much in those thirty years.  Putin’s “New Russia” is just as corrupt  as Renko’s  first police investigation in Gorky Park.  Only the bureaucrats names have changed.  In the series 7th book, a baby is abducted and a dead prostitute is found at Three Stations.  Or is she a prostitute? Renko suspects the two crimes are related. As he probes the world of Moscow’s rich and famous and its underworld of drug dealers, thugs, and homeless street urchins, he uncovers a sophisticated web of death and kidnapping.

As always, Smith ‘s dark sense of humor adds a touch to this suspense thriller.

Before I Fall

From Joanna, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Oliver, Lauren
Before I Fall
 Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver revolves around eighteen year old Samantha Kinston and the last day of her life – over and over again. Cupid’s Day should have been just another day for Sam. She’d go to school with her best friends, park in the best parking spot, and get a rose from her gorgeous boyfriend as well as every other admirer in the school. Then she dies. Seven times, actually. Over and over again Sam relives the very last day of her life changing everything to save herself. Seven chances, seven tries, and only one way to get it right.

First impressions lead you to think that Sam is just another popular girl who has everything she could have ever wanted – and she is, at first. She makes judgments upon association and what it takes to stay at the top. After she dies, though, everything changes. Getting the opportunity to repeat the same day gives Sam a chance to make good on some of the mistakes she has made. She takes the opportunity to see people for who they really are and realizes that saving herself had nothing to do with what she thought it had.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Reading about the same day seven times may seem boring, but the way she lives it makes all the difference. The emotions are raw and the characters three-dimensional. Towards the end, when everything starts to fall into place, you’ll want to finish reading it, every period and comma.

The Stepsister Scheme

From Rosalia Millan
author: Hines, Jim C.
The Stepsister Scheme
This book picks up a few months after the Cinderella story ends. Danielle(Cinderella) is happy with her husband, but her stepsisters just can’t leave well enough alone. They plot to steal Danielle’s husband and her child. Queen Bea, the prince’s mother, introduces Danielle to Talia and Snow (Sleeping Beauty and Snow White). These two princesses are Queen Bea’s spies, they help her maintain balance in the kingdom. Through out the book we get details regarding the “real stories” of the lives of all of the princesses and get to meet some new and interesting characters. The book is fun but maintains an aura of darkness that keeps it from getting overly silly. This is the first book in a trilogy about a sisterhood of women who are tough and smart.


From Matthew, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Bennett, Holly
I have recently read the book Shapeshifter, which was written by Holly Bennett.  It takes place in a fantasy land called Tir na Nog.  The book is about a young woman, named Sive, who has shapeshifting powers. Sive was able to shapeshift into a deer.  Being a famous singer at the time, she rarely shapeshifted after her childhood. One day when she did a good deed to a poor kid, she met a dark sorcerer.  Sive had forgotten about that memory, but years later, the sorcerer returned.  The sorcerer wanted to capture her, and use her powers for himself.  Even though Sive ran away him, the sorcerer followed anyway. So the sorcerer wouldn’t find her so easily, it is during this part of the story that Sive shapeshifted, and had to stay in her deer form for many years. Sive took a portal to the mortal world, so she could be safe from the dark sorcerer.  She met a brave warrior (Finn), whom she loved and married. The sorcerer eventually captured her in the mortal world aft  er many years. While she was captured, her son Oisin was born. Oisin was left on a mountain, but he eventually found his father, Finn. After Oisin grew up, he was determined to find his mother. Will Oisin find his mother? Find out this answer, and many more, in Shapeshifter.

I didn’t like this book that much.  While it was very interesting at some points, it was a lot less interesting at others. The overall pace of this book was slow. There were only short bursts late in the book where it was interesting and had some action. I wished that there were more bursts like that; it would make this book much better. On the positive side, the characters were full of personality, which made the book a little better. Unlike a lot of fantasy books, Shapeshifter barely had any action. If you expected this book to be full of battles, then you will be disappointed. Overall, Shapeshifter was a fair fantasy book, and should only be enjoyed by 9-14 year old children who have a deep interest in fantasy.