The Stepsister Scheme

From Rosalia Millan
author: Hines, Jim C.
The Stepsister Scheme
This book picks up a few months after the Cinderella story ends. Danielle(Cinderella) is happy with her husband, but her stepsisters just can’t leave well enough alone. They plot to steal Danielle’s husband and her child. Queen Bea, the prince’s mother, introduces Danielle to Talia and Snow (Sleeping Beauty and Snow White). These two princesses are Queen Bea’s spies, they help her maintain balance in the kingdom. Through out the book we get details regarding the “real stories” of the lives of all of the princesses and get to meet some new and interesting characters. The book is fun but maintains an aura of darkness that keeps it from getting overly silly. This is the first book in a trilogy about a sisterhood of women who are tough and smart.

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