From Matthew, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Bennett, Holly
I have recently read the book Shapeshifter, which was written by Holly Bennett.  It takes place in a fantasy land called Tir na Nog.  The book is about a young woman, named Sive, who has shapeshifting powers. Sive was able to shapeshift into a deer.  Being a famous singer at the time, she rarely shapeshifted after her childhood. One day when she did a good deed to a poor kid, she met a dark sorcerer.  Sive had forgotten about that memory, but years later, the sorcerer returned.  The sorcerer wanted to capture her, and use her powers for himself.  Even though Sive ran away him, the sorcerer followed anyway. So the sorcerer wouldn’t find her so easily, it is during this part of the story that Sive shapeshifted, and had to stay in her deer form for many years. Sive took a portal to the mortal world, so she could be safe from the dark sorcerer.  She met a brave warrior (Finn), whom she loved and married. The sorcerer eventually captured her in the mortal world aft  er many years. While she was captured, her son Oisin was born. Oisin was left on a mountain, but he eventually found his father, Finn. After Oisin grew up, he was determined to find his mother. Will Oisin find his mother? Find out this answer, and many more, in Shapeshifter.

I didn’t like this book that much.  While it was very interesting at some points, it was a lot less interesting at others. The overall pace of this book was slow. There were only short bursts late in the book where it was interesting and had some action. I wished that there were more bursts like that; it would make this book much better. On the positive side, the characters were full of personality, which made the book a little better. Unlike a lot of fantasy books, Shapeshifter barely had any action. If you expected this book to be full of battles, then you will be disappointed. Overall, Shapeshifter was a fair fantasy book, and should only be enjoyed by 9-14 year old children who have a deep interest in fantasy.

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