The genius wars

From Edward, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Jinks, Catherine
 The genius wars
This is the third and the final story with Cadel Piggott, the boy genius who has finally has been able to shed away his life of crime, lies, and illegal hacking, provided by his corrupt father, Prosper English. With that he has been able to settle down to an easier life, living with a police detective named Saul Greeniaus, and his wife, Fiona. Things are playing along just fine, when Cadel’s friend, Sonja, is attacked, and when amiss things continue appear to Cadel and people around him, there is nobody to look for except, the one and only, Prosper English.        

“The Genius Wars” is a breathtaking story filled with an interesting plot and diverse characters that will force you to read through the night. Unfortunately, this will be the last of its series. Despite that, I highly recommend this book to anyone, but be sure to read the first two beforehand.

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