Mahtab’s Story

From Chelsea, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Gleeson, Libby
Mahtab’s Story
Mahtab’s Story, by Libby Gleeson, is inspired by a true story. Mahtab’s life in Herat, Afghanistan is perfect. She is well educated, has a nice home, and is surrounded by friends and family. However, her life gets turned upside down when she gets forced to secretly but quickly move to, in her perspective, the faraway land of Australia. With her father missing and her journey to a faraway land this book will show you the real life story of being a refugee, living in constant fear and grief.

This book is truly amazing and will make you take a second look at life.

Black Bodies and Quantum Cats

From Ellen Druda
author: Ouellette, Jennifer
Black Bodies and Quantum Cats
A collection of columns written for the monthly American Physics Society News, Ouellette has traced the history of physics from Da Vinci to string theory, spiced up with contemporary references and human analogies. Non-science majors and physics-phobes can understand and even enjoy how this field of “natural philosophy” affects our place in the world and the universe.