A fly for the prosecution : how insect evidence helps solve crimes

From Andrea Kalinowski
author: Goff, M. Lee
A fly for the prosecution : how insect evidence helps solve crimes
A fly for the prosecution : how insect evidence helps solve crimes by M. Lee Goff was a book right up my alley.  The title, a play on Witness for the Prosecution, drew me in and captured my full attention.  This book explores the cycle of life and death in the bug kingdom and how it can assist forensic scientists, and therefore the police, in determining time of death.  Flies come to a body in an orderly sequence that has been documented in an empirical manner.  They are irrefutable witnesses to the crimes man commits against man.  The evidence offered by the flies cannot be refuted successfully and is therefore invaluable to law enforcement.  A quick and enjoyable read


From Alicia, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Collins, Suzanne
I read the book Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. This is the third book of the series The Hunger Games.  Mockingjay is about a girl named Katniss who lives in the country of Panem and participated in something called the hunger games. Now, as the head of the rebellion, Katniss has ended up in District 13, a part of Panem that has been prospering underground for years, untouched by the capitol. While trying to film a commercial for the rebels, Katniss and her friends are attacked by air bombs hitting a hospital. When Katniss sees the damage that has been done, she realizes just how serious the situation is, and decides to be the mockingjay.  She and a team of people then head out into the capitol in disguises and try to reach the president, and when they find him, Katniss is the one who wants to kill him.  But when the time comes, the unthinkable happens.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is in 5th-9th grade. The series is very adventurous and unpredictable, making you never able to put the book down.