Survival of the fiercest : a Sloane sisters novel

From Sarah, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Carey, Anna
Survival of the fiercest : a Sloane sisters novel 
In the second Sloane Sister Novel, “Survival of the Fiercest,” Cate and Andie are still living on New York’s Upper East Side and their father has just got married to their friends’ (Stella and Lola) mom. When their parents leave for their honeymoon, things heat up! Cate is determined that she and Stella will form their own High School sorority. This is because they had a fight a few days earlier with their former best friends Blythe, Priya, and Sophie that resulted in Cate and Stella being banned from their own sorority. Cate’s number one goal is to form an even more popular sorority by herself! Cate recruites Stella to help work on starting the sorority and they make a new friend on the way! Additionally, Andie is dealing with a major crush problem. She likes this guy named Kyle, but her new stepsister Lola likes him too! Lola is, of course, trying to impress Kyle, but she is also meeting with a famous fashion designer to become a model!!!! I love this book, and I can’t wait to read the next one! This book is exciting, has good story lines and is full of drama! I will definitely recommend this book to any girl 8 and up!!!