The Cinderella Society

From Alexandra, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Cassidy, Kay
The Cinderella Society 
In The Cinderella Society Jessica Parker was the new girl at school this year. On the last day of school she peeks inside her bag to look for something and she finds an envelope addressed to her. When she opens it, she finds an invitation that changes her life and a pin. She is finally going to turn her life around and not be the lame new girl loser she was this year. As she joins the Cinderella Society, she gets friends, a makeover, a special boyfriend and a lot more. But as she involves herself into the society she can’t help but wonder “is this really what I signed up for?” Jess finds herself in many tough situations and knows that even though it sounded easy and fun, The Cinderella Society is no picnic. I would recommend this book to all girls who like books about good girls (the Cindy’s) and the evil girls (the wicked’s). I really enjoyed this book and I hope you guys will too.

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