Song of the Exile

From Susan Hirschmann
author: Davenport, Kiana
Song of the Exile
This novel of compelling stories of members of a Hawaiian family takes place through the turbulent years of WWII up until statehood in 1959, and sweeps across Europe, Asia and the Pacific.  Kiana is a native Hawaiian author who has thoroughly researched the geography and history of the events of the era to provide a rich landscape for her novel that includes the sexual enslavement of women during WWII by the Japanese military.  I really enjoyed the book, and wondered why it wasn’t given more press. (copyright 1999).
Gloria Steinem weighed in with the following comment: “reveals the emotional truths hidden beneath the WWII euphemism ‘comfort women’. A half century later, this important and powerful novel gives these women a way out of the  perpetual exile of the forgotten”.

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