Sea Change

From Elizabeth Harty
author: Friedman, Aimee
Sea Change
Sea Change by Aimee Friedman is a fictional novel geared towards the young adult reader. As a high school teacher, I am always looking for books that will captivate the interest of my students while simultaneously providing them with an interesting book to read. Sea Change fits all of these requirements as it is a novel that young adult readers will find compelling and captivating. The novel is set on the fictional Selkie Island (loosely based on Tybee Island, SC) where the protagonist, Miranda Merchant, a smart and sassy teenager from New York City, is helping her mother reconcile her recently deceased parents’ estate. It is here on Selkie Island that Miranda meets Leo, a local boy who has a mysterious quality about him. Miranda is a character whom teenagers will identify with and enjoy reading about her life-changing experiences during one monumental summer. Friedman is an exceptional writer who provides the reader with a well-written and enjoyable read.

One thought on “Sea Change

  1. Sounds like a remake of “The Last Song,” recently filmed on Tybee Island, which is in Georgia, just south of Hilton Head, east of Savannah.

    This might be a better fit, since The Last Song was more of a young adult romance anyway.

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