A visit from the goon squad [ sound recording]

From Ellen Druda
author: Egan, Jennifer
A visit from the goon squad  [ sound recording]
This is a series of stories that link together using reappearing characters. We follow Bennie Salazar, an aging former punk rocker and record executive, and through him we meet the supporting cast of his life. Egan has done an amazing job of weaving characters across time and place, each story leading into the next as we meet the recurring cast at different times of their lives.  BBC Audiobooks America put the story on cd, not an easy task considering the experimental nature of the writing, which in print includes a powerpoint presentation.  The narration by Roxana Ortega brings the characters alive at their various ages, making the production seamless, fascinating, and warm.

YouTube in Music Education

From Edna Susman
author: Rudolph, Thomas
YouTube in Music Education
This is a must for all music teachers, as well as anyone interested in learning more about the practical uses of YouTube.  A small book that packs a lot of information in its 241 pages such as: a brief history of YouTube, why YouTube works in education, from works of the masters to works made by mashers,  creating a YouTube account, navigating your YouTube account,  organizing your videos,  accessing and downloading YouTube videos, YouTube in the music classroom, YouTube lesson plans and much more.