A.D. : New Orleans After The Deluge

From Kyle, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Neufeld, Josh
A.D. : New Orleans After The Deluge
I read the graphic novel “A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge” by Josh Neufeld. This book describes how several residents of New Orleans meet each other through different ways. It also depicts their intense struggle for survival during and after the hurricane. Some people in this book refused to evacuate even when the Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans issued a mandatory evacuation. Many tragedies and triumphs took place during the survival days following Hurricane Katrina.

>From reading this graphic novel, I learned that over 700 people died in New Orleans alone, and the government did a poor job responding to this. There are pictures in this book that show people fighting traffic to leave the city. People who didn’t leave ended up stranded on rooftops. The author introduces the characters in this book a week before the storm, allowing the reader to get to know them somewhat before they’re all forced to deal with the upcoming crisis. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read a graphic novel that includes facts.

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